Membership Dues:
Unlike many state captive associations, membership in the UCIA is intended to be economically available to anyone that would like to become involved. Therefore, dues are only used for basic costs, such as website costs, phone service, printing, advertising, etc. Any meetings, UCIA promotions, marketing, or charitable educations (or other) donations, will be supported by separate membership contributions, paid by those that want to participate in the promotion, meeting, or marketing program.

Dues are a simple structure:
$150 per annum for captive owners;
$250 per annum for service providers.
• Dues are prorated quarterly for the first calendar year of Annual Membership.
• Registration fees for Annual Conferences are generally reduced for UCIA members.

Utah Captive Insurance Association, Inc.
c/o Monique Avery
PO Box 114, Riverton, UT 84065
PHONE : 801-419-2919
Email: uca@utahcaptive.com